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Shore Excursions and Tours Mariehamn/Åland

Axtours has provided shore excursion services for cruise vessels since 1998, and welcomed vessels ranging from private yachts to conventional cruise ships. We have personal knowledge of the local service providers, the best itineraries and most appreciated venues and sights; and will assist you to provide memorable excursions for your guests during their call in the maritime town of Mariehamn. Apart from the standard programs we are able to offer various types of outdoor activities, cultural or culinary experiences. 

The Åland archipelago has more than 6,700 islands, the only town Mariehamn is found on the largest of them. To the visitors Åland offers unique archipelago culture, maritime heritage and natural beauty. Åland is also an autonomous region with its own parliament, and is a monolingual Swedish-speaking and demilitarized region belonging to Finland. Åland boasts its own flag, stamps, car license plates and the top domain “ax”.

Mariehamn is the perfect contrast to the hectic, big city life style of the Baltic Sea capitals of Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg. With its 12,000 inhabitants Mariehamn is a picturesque and friendly town characterized by a hospitable islander lifestyle and a strong maritime culture. 

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